Digital Inclusion

Our Digital Inclusion team are here to help!

If you are struggling to get online, please let us know. Technology can be frustrating at times but there may be simple things that we can do to help you. We can help with general things like using apps, video calls and emails or more specific tasks such as using askmyGP or the Self-care Portal.

It is helpful for us to know how well technology suits you!

In response to COVID-19, the NHS are attempting to develop more digital pathways. To keep NHS services open during the coronavirus crisis, healthcare professional are using online services to assess their patients.

Let us know how online services work for you and we can ensure that you get the best possible care during this difficult time!

We need to know our patients experience and level of competence regarding using technology.

There are only 13 questions and it should only take you around 60-90 seconds!

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