Contraception review

Open 24 hours a day for submissions. Reply within 7 days.

Use the Self-care Portal to complete your annual contraception review. If you haven't used the portal before, please contact the surgery to obtain a password. Please note the self-care portal is not to be used to seek urgent medical attention.

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Patients tell us that it is difficult to get time off work for routine health appointments. We have listened to this and built the the Self-Care Portal so that you can get some health checks done at a time that suits you. In time we will put more health reviews online and we welcome your suggestions for what to build next.

The Clinical Team @ Roxton

Have you used the Self-care Portal before?

If you are new to using the Self-care Portal and would like help and support, you can request a training session at your local surgery. The site will be simple to use, if you are confident in streaming videos and completing forms online.

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