Community MSK Physiotherapy

Description of service:

  • Focused on provision of physiotherapy and related physical services (joint mobilisations, trigger pointing, neural mobilisations, strength reconditioning, etc.) in the treatment of issues affecting the muscles or skeleton together (musculoskeletal), for example back pain, sports injuries, arthritis
  • The aim is to correct the issue (or ensure it is easily manageable for clients) within a time limited offering
  • Urgent/routine prioritisation (within 5/20 working days)
  • Provided in community settings – GP surgeries, gyms, Centre4, physiotherapy centres, etc.
  • Includes educational element (advice& information/exercises) which equips clients with the knowledge to self-manage their pain & condition moving forward
  • Free to clients at point of delivery, with a maximum of 6 sessions (one initial/assessment session, 5 follow ups, unless GP agrees more are required to meet need)
  • Accessed via a GP referral, care navigation or self-referral
  • Ability to refer clients back to GP for additional health related concerns
  • Option of group sessions to provide peer support/ integration into community exercise facilities
  • Option for care navigators and GPs to seek general advice/support on referral/signposting from providers
  • Specialist clinical MSK advice and information to GPs, to inform GP triage and referrals where required

Please note:

  • Self-referral cannot be taken from clients under the age of 16 – this must be a referral via the GP
  • Clients cannot already be seeing an MSK provider for the same issue or have seen another one for the same issue within 6 months
  • Clients cannot be going back for the same issue within a 12-month period UNLESS it is to request more than the 6 free sessions the framework provides. In this case, referral must be via the GP as a clinically appropriate extension

How to access the service:

There are 10 MSK providers available, and people can request to see any one of them:

  • Abacus Physiotherapy
  • Achilles Centre
  • Ascenti
  • Capital Physio
  • Care UK
  • HS Physiotherapy
  • InHealth Group
  • NLaG
  • Physio-Works
  • Premier Physical Healthcare (no clinics in NEL currently)

Providers have different locations, opening times and specialisations/exclusions, so please see the contact details at the end of the self-referral form, and the information on providers in the contact list: Download Contact List

Self referral form Criteria for self referral