Summary Care Record

What is a Summary Care Record?

A Summary Care Record (SCR) is an electronic patient record, containing a summary of National Health Service (NHS) patient data, which is held on a database covering England as part of the NHS national programme for IT.

For example, if you were to go on holiday within the UK and required medical treatment, then by consenting to your SCR, the place dealing with you could access certain parts of your record in order to treat you faster; reducing waiting time, treatment time and any difficulties regarding medication and allergies etc.

Let us update your records: Are you a carer? Have you ever been in the Armed Forces?

What is an Enhanced Summary Care Record? Watch the video below to find out more…

Adding more information to your Summary Care Record

Additional information can be added to your SCR by your GP practice, which can improve the quality of your care by allowing professionals to recall information about your healthcare. It includes:

• Long-term health problems
• Your relevant medical history
• Your healthcare needs and personal preferences
• Immunisations

What is not included?

Sensitive information WILL NOT BE INCLUDED, this relates to details such as:

• Fertility treatments
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Pregnancy terminations
• Gender reassignment

How will additional information help you?

Essential details about your healthcare can be very difficult to remember, particularly when you are unwell. Additional information in your SCR means that professionals will be able to recall this information.

There are clear benefits from having medication, allergy and adverse reaction information available through your SCR. If you choose to add additional information, this can further increase the quality of your care. It can also empower you if you need help communicating complex care needs.

Additional information will only be included in your SCR after discussion between you and your GP practice, and only if your give your permission.

Once you have chosen to add additional information to your SCR, your GP practice will continue to do this and keep it up to date. Remember that you can change your mind at any time by simply informing your GP practice.