Please scroll through for the most common queries surrounding how the current situation with Coronavirus: COVID-19 is effecting the services at The Roxton Practice.

Coronavirus Information


Please do not come into the surgery unless you have an appointment. Information on how to get prescriptions and sick notes are available on our Coronavirus Information page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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As a result of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, the Keelby surgery will be closed for patient services with immediate effect. All queries and requests should be made via askmygp.

If you do not have access to to a computer please call 01469 572058. For patients who usually collect their medication from Keelby, we will deliver this to your registered address.


If you are a dispensing patient, your prescription will be delivered - if you need to pay for this, the delivery driver will be collecting payment as cash only. If you usually pick up a prescription from the surgery, please call 01469 572058 and arrange for it to be sent electronically to a pharmacy.

Roxton Practice Notification

⚠️ STAY AT HOME – Every citizen must comply with these new measures EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

You can only leave your home:
• To shop for basic essentials
• To exercise once a day
• For any medical need
• To travel to and from work

The relevant authorities, including the police, will be given the powers to enforce these measures – including through fines and dispersing gatherings.



‼️ Walk-in Blood Clinics: These are currently unavailable. Please contact the surgery on 01469 572058 or use askmyGP to arrange an appointment.

‼️ Prescriptions: Please place all repeat prescription requests in the box provided at the main doors of the surgery. Prescriptions cannot be collected – please call 01469 572058 to arrange for it to be sent electronically.

‼️ Sick Notes: Call 01469 572058 to arrange for your sick note to be emailed to you.

Our Coronavirus Information page is kept up-to-date, please refer to it if you have any queries before getting in touch regarding any queries.

Welcome to Roxton

The Roxton Practice has provided medical services to the people of Immingham and the surrounding area for more than 60 years. The first home for the practice in Immingham was a small house in Manby Road, serving the population of Immingham. The Roxton Practice then moved to Worsley Road in approximately 1960 until 2004 when they moved into the Pilgrim Primary Centre in Immingham. More recently Roxton also provides services for our Grimsby residents at Weelsby View Health Centre as well as operating from The Health Centre in Keelby.

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